Filipino Food – Famous dishes

Fine Food Cuisine from Asia – Filipino Food and Famous dishes.

10 traditional and famous dishes from the Philippines

Famous dishes, you must try if you are in the Philippines:

If you believed half the blogs about the Filipino cuisine, you’ll think it was one of the worst places on earth for a foodie. But this is simply not the case!

We found many traditional food, to enjoy and with the exception of balut, here’s our 10 famous foods (and drinks!) we loved and think everyone must try, when visiting the Philippines.

1. Chicken Adobo: the famous Filipino dish.
Chicken Adobo! Absolute one of the best - filipino food
Chicken Adobo!

The Chicken dish is one of the most famous foods to try in the Philippines, known and loved by everyone.

Adobo means marinade in Spanish and is a chicken or pork marinated in a mixture of Soya sauce and vinegar.

Our recipe for chicken Adobo has been simplified to enable us to replicate it at home.

2. Balut: duck embryo street food snack.
Balut: a boiled duck and a very Famous dish

Which is a boiled duck, witch is eaten as a snack and with a splash of vinegar. This is definitely one of the most famous foods to try in the Philippines (and probably the strangest).

Tried a 17 days old balut at Puka Beach on Boracay island and absolutely loved it:

 3. Kare Kare: oxtail stew.
Kare Kara. ox and carry filipino food
Kare Kara

Is an oxtail and ox tripes stew with lots of vegetables, flavored with ground roasted peanuts or peanut butter, onions and garlic. It’s served with shrimp sauce and sometimes spiced with chill and sprinkled with calamansi juice.

Kare Kare is famous throughout the whole country. The origin of its name comes from the word curry. Witch is influenced of the Indian community.

This is seen as comfort food for Filipinos:

4. Kinilaw: raw fish salad.
Kinilaw! raw fish and garlic, ginger, onion

The dish is similar to the famous Peruvian dish called crevice. It is a raw fish salad, served in an acidic juice, usually kalamansi, with meat. Kinilaw comes from the word, “kilaw” which means, ‘eaten fresh’.

Other ingredients usually include garlic, ginger, onion, pepper and chilli. We had lots of kinilaw fun at the popular Los Indios Bravos restaurant in Boracay for a birthday celebrations:

5. Sinigang! based on sour stew.
The Famous dish Sinigang!

The meat is based on sour stew or soup with lots of vegetables. The most popular souring agent is tamarind (sampalok). Pork is the most common meat. However chicken, beef and fish are also very popular, in the Philippines .

Alternative souring agents include guava, tomatoes or kalamansi (Filipino lime). So we enjoyed this soup so much and our good friend BC Lee was kind enough, to give us her recipe.

Filipino Food – Famous dishes. Part two..

6. Paksiw Na Lech on: suckling pig prizes.
Filipino food -  Paksiw na lechon!
Paksiw na lechon!

Lechon means suckling pig in Spanish and is literally a whole pig, roasted for many hours. For special occasions. This is a national dish in the Philippines.

The leftovers of the lechon are stewed with vinegar and spices and become a delicious dish called paksiw na lechon. Paksiw literally means: to cook and simmer with vinegar.

7. Tapsilog: a cured beef breakfast treat.
 Tapsilog! nice breakfast

Taspsilog is a famous Filipino breakfast, which refers to the contents comprising the meal. Cured beef (tapa), fried rice (sinangag) and a fried egg (itlog).

Variants include ‘adosilog’ (adobo with fried rice and fried egg), litsilog (lechon with fried rice and egg).

8. Halo Halo: a cheeky dessert.
Halo halo! a refreshing dessert filipino food famous dishes
Halo halo!

This is a famous Filipino dessert. Halo Halo meaning mixed and is served in a glass. Containing ice shavings, evaporated milk and various small chunks of yummy goodies all mixed in together. 

Yummy goodies include boiled kidney beans, chickpeas (“garbanzo”), sugar palm fruit (“kaong”), jackfruit, tapioca, sweet potato, sweet beans, coconut gel, ice cream, guava paste, purple yam and many more!

The end result is a tropical, colorful and exciting mess: great for the beach!

Buko: coconut juice.
Coconut juice - Buko!
Coconut juice – Buko!

(Buko) is the filipino word for coconut. No day in the Philippines was complete for us without the famous coconut juice. First drink the juice and then eating the yummy fleshy fruit inside.

The Filipinos make good use of the tree, other than the many uses of the fruit itself, you can also use it as wood fire, the leaves for thatching, the coconut husk to make ropes and many more.

10. Rum: the Filipino drink of choice.
Rum, the filipino Choice!
Rum, the philippines Choice!

The Philippines is The big rum producer in Asia and is the Filipino’s spirit of choice. It’s made from sugar canes and is usually cheaper than water.

Tanduay rum has been around since 1854. It’s famous throughout Asia that it has become the world’s second most popular rum brand in the world after Bacardi.

Read more about the Philippines!

Posted: October 18, 2019

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