Member Features – Dating Tools

Member Features – Dating Tools:

Filipina gives you the tools you need. Therefore use these tools, to connect and find your life partner. Here are some tools to help you, in your search!
Member Features – Dating Tools starts here

  1. Match me:

Adds functionality to match profiles and shows matching percentage on profile. Match percentage is calculated based on number of matching xprofile fields and weight age of each field, is based on selected fields.
It displays the match percentage on the members profile header (Cover Picture) and on the members profile picture.

Click the percentage icon. In the right upper corner, on the members profile picture.To see how you match the member.

  • The average match percentage is between 40% and 65%.
  • Below 40 % – Not a good match.
  • Above 65 % – Good match.
  • Around 85 % considered as a full match.
  • It is possible to find a member, that matches you 100 %.
  • View the Match me Icon/pic below, in section 6!
  1. Private Messaging:

You’ll find this feature inside the members profile or on the icon, on their profile picture! Note: All contact options, are on the members profile picture!

  1. Public Messaging: Deactivated Member Feature!

You’ll find this feature inside the members profile or on the icon, on their profile picture!

However, the public Messaging have been deactivated, due to the privacy of the members.**  But it’s possible to use the live chat!

  1. How to add a Friend: Deactivated Member Feature!

Just click on the heart icon on the members profile picture and a friend request will be send to the member. If they accept a notification will be send to you. Before adding a friend or starting a chat.

So please make sure, that they are available, by checking their chat status! To avoid any unnecessary interruptions and because, it would be the right thing to do. In other words, use this feature to tell other members, about your online status. Very impotent..

However, the Add a friend have also been deactivated. Because it’s not Facebook, but a dating site. Check the member profile, to see what kind of relationship they are looking for!

  1. To add a member to your favorite list:

1. Go to the members profile.
2. Click on their activity tab and add them, by clicking on the tab.
To remove a member from your favorite list.
1. Click on your activity tab, on your profile.
2. Then Click the favorite tab and remove them, by clicking the tab.

  1. On many dating sites:

You will get a notification, every time someone send you a message, add you to their favorite list, friend list, get a chat request or view your profile. So to avoid all these notifications. Then you should consider to only contact a member, you are really interested in. But most importantly, be thoughtful and kind, Thanks!

However we recommend: That you only add one member at a time and delete them again. If you don’t match, each other! Because other members, will be able to see, who your friends are. Remember this is a dating site, not a BuddyPress Community.

The picture below, shows the options on the profile picture!

Contact options - member features Profile pictures options…

  1. Geo location or IP location:

It a small plugin, which detect your location, through your IP address. This will be displayed, with a flag and country name on your profile and on the members profiles.
For instance, if a member tells you. That he or she lives in the Philippines and their Ip address shows, that they actually lives in the United states.

Then you should contact us and we will look into the matter. Contact Form

  1. Create Groups, Forums and Blogs:

Can be done, directly from your profile menu and you can create a private group, were you can invite certain members. Forums is public and for all login members.

However, The Public forums is powered by BBpress and is now a Deactivated Member Feature, due to the members privacy and furthermore, it not needed on a dating site.** 

Blog posts is public and can be posted, by any admin member. You’ll find this option, in the main navigation menu! Write a artificial and share on the blog! So what’s on your mind?

  1. Live Chat:

It’s only possible to use the live chat, if you are login and a even more interesting feature is. That you don’t have to have a webcam, installed! Simply click on the Live chat icon, shown in the lower right corner and then click on the member, you want to chat with.

After that, a new chat room will be created and thereby, you can chat privately. View Chat options, by clicking on the chat settings icon.

The picture below, shows the live chat popup!

Live chat viewLive chat popup screenshot…

  1. Live Video Chat:

First of all you will need a webcam, with a build in microphone. (optional) But most laptops and smartphones have already, a built in webcam!

However the video quality, depends on your webcam and how many pixels it can show. If it’s a 4K Ultra, HD 720p/1080p or just a standard 480 pixel resolution. Therefore we recommend a minimum 720 pixel resolution webcam, for better viewing.

The picture below, shows a 1920×1080 pixel webcam, with a build in microphone. Witch is a high quality webcam! For absolute best quality, choose a 4K Ultra version.

Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam HD 1080pLogitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam HD 1080p

So If you already have a webcam or just installed a webcam. You’ll be able to choose options, in the live chat settings, within the chatroom. Here you can choose, if you want to voice/video chat or both.

  1. Setting up the Webcam:

Very easy. Just follow the onscreen popup and choose your preferred options! After that, just click on the webcam icon , shown inside the chat room. When clicked a pound, a text link will appear in both your, message boxes!

Click on the text link and a new private window will open and then your ready to talk, face to face.

  1. Live Voice Chat:

Just disable/disconnect your webcam in the chat settings and then you will be able to talk, just like on a telephone or mobile. Optional: Connect headphones!

You can live chat, video chat or voice chat. By using any a Computer, a laptop, Ipad or Iphone/smartphone. Filipina is fully responsive. Just remember, that all these options and features, depends on the hardware/software installed on/in your device and of course, your internet connection. Besides that, Happy chatting…

If you have any technical or setup issues. Please contact our support team. By sending us a message. Contact Form.

  1. Profile Features:

Here you can do even more, upload multi pictures, create galleys, private videos, YouTube videos, edit your cover/profile picture. Setup and manage your account. Fill out or change the search fields. Share you content, with your friends only or with all the members. Follow all your own activities and all the members activities.

Post content on the social wall and furthermore, you can managed all this, from your panel, inside your profile. We certainly hope, that some of these features, can help you in your search, for love. For example, why not, start right now. Search Members! New feature! – Now you can see, who visit your profile. 

The picture below, shows a members profile, from her view!

Member Features - profile view A members profile…

  1. Profile Visibility:

Another great option, choose whom you wanna share your profile fields/pictures/content with and you can choose, between 4 options:

  • Only you
  • Your friends
  • All logged in members
  • Everyone
  1. Privacy Settings:

Hide your profile. Use this options if you are away for a longer period or if you don’t want to be shown in the members directory. Instead of deleting your profile. Because if you delete your profile, all date will be lost.

Option 1: Who can view your profile?

  • Only you
  • Your friends
  • All logged in members
  • Everyone

Option 2: Hide My Profile from Members Directory?

  • Choose NO and all the members from the above settings, will be able to see your profile.
  • Choose YES and no member will be able to see your profile!

Find these options in the profile > Settings on your profile.

NEW Member Features – Dating Tools!
  • Who viewed your profile. You’ll receive a notification, about the visit.
  • Block or report a member. By clicking on the Icon  on their profile picture.
  • Send a Smile.  By clicking on the Icon on their profile picture.
  • A Mobile app is now available. Just click the install button, on the bottom of your device or the top right corner, on Chrome/Edge. No need to download the app. Because it’s ready to use, when you visit our website!
  1. Notifications (live/online):

Notifications are a central aspect of the user experience and you will be notified by Email or popup messages. Which include friends requests, when you have a message, all invitations, been invited to a group or forum and other activities. Most actions, will resolve, in some kind of notification.

It’s possible to deactivate, most notification!
Every member can view their read and unread notifications on their

  1. Notifications page – on your profile and you can easily:
  • Mark notifications as “read”
  • Mark notification as “unread”
  • Delete notification (in batches if needed)
  • Read Email Notifications

Users can also choose to enable or disable emails, when new notifications are received. This can be done through their Settings > Email page…

  1. Activity:

This is probably, the easiest future to explain. It shows all your activate, on this website. You can choose to delete them or keep them.

But the Activity stream and page has been deactivated, due to the privacy of and request of some the members! **

  1. Who’s Online:

Contained in their profile picture. Up in the left corner. The green led light indicate, that they are online. Likewise it can be seen, by clicking on the Live chat icon, shown in the lower right corner. All online members, will be shown her. Both men and women!

  1. Who visit my profile: NEW feature!

Your profile has been visited by? Will be shown, on the right sidebar on your profile page. Click the link, to see who visit your profile.

  1. Members swap list:

To view the members swap List. Click Here!

  1. Badges:

These badges will be given automatically and some times manually.
How to earn Badges. Click Here!

  1. Finally I would say!

Thank you for taking the time, to read this feature list. So now you should be ready, to take the first step and hopefully find the one you have been looking for? Enjoy and good luck!

Upcoming features: Likes/compliments!
Where you can give or send. Likes/complements. Example – send a kiss, a wow or like their profile etc..

Member Features – Dating Tools – Updated 22-011-2020

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