8 Reasons Why to buy a lot in Palawan!

8 Reasons Why Palawan is One of the Best Places to Retire in the Philippines

8 Reasons Why Palawan is One of the Best Places to Retire in the Philippines

By Citi Global Team  April 22, 2019

The Philippines is quickly becoming a retirement haven. In fact, it’s now one of the 24 best places to retire in the world, according to Forbes. However, with 7,641 islands to choose from, it might take some time before you decide where exactly you’ll retire.

If you’re going to compile your top options, you’ll want to include world-famous Palawan on the list. Year after year, it ranks among the best islands in the world for travelers. But why settle for a simple trip? Living in Palawan may prove to be a wonderful retirement plan for any retiree seeking paradise. Check out the list of reasons why this popular destination is a perfect place to retire in the Philippines!

8 Reasons to Retire in Palawan

1. Breathtaking Scenery
Breathtaking Scenery in Palawan

Imagine getting a sweeping view of the ocean first thing in the morning, or spending lazy afternoons on a quiet beach. Living in Palawan brings this dream into reality. Here, you can live a life surrounded by the best of nature–a premium for most other real estate properties!

The abundance of natural wonders in Palawan also means you’ll always have sights to see. For starters, Puerto Princesa’s own Subterranean River is one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

2. Fair Weather
Fair Weather in Palawan

While the Philippines as a whole is prone to typhoons, these storms generally hit the eastern side of the country. Palawan is the Philippines’ westernmost province, which means that it’s often shielded from typhoons at full strength.

As a result, the island experiences a lot of sunny days year-round. It just so happens that Palawan comes alive with tourists during the dry season from November to May.

3. Clean, Green Surroundings
Clean, Green Surroundings in Palawan

Another nickname for Palawan is “the Philippines’ last ecological frontier.” Various groups and government agencies place great importance on preserving Palawan’s pristine quality. Even the locals take part by cleaning up after themselves, resulting in litter-free streets.

Chances are, you’ll reap the benefits of these green practices if you retire in a verdant piece of Palawan real estate. Expect no less than fresh air that feels absolutely refreshing on the skin early in the morning. Just remember to do your part in keeping the environment clean!

4. Hospitable Locals
Hospitable Locals in Palawan - Why Buy a Beachfront Property in the Philippines?

Filipinos are already known for their hospitality, but the people of Palawan take it to another level. The locals are eager to answer all your questions no matter if they know you or not. They may even go as far as recommending the best eats in town, the must-see sites to visits, and the ideal places to go to buy your everyday essentials. Wherever you go, there is always a community that will make you feel right at home when living in Palawan.

5. Safe Neighborhoods
Safe Neighborhoods in Palawan

Although it’s always good to be vigilant, you’ll be pleased to know that Palawan has a low crime rate. There are almost no thieves or snatchers around to disturb a leisurely evening stroll. A curfew also helps residents stay out of trouble.

6. Fresh Food
Fresh Food in Palawan - Why Buy a Beachfront Property in the Philippines?

Puerto Princesa’s New Market and Public Market can provide you with a steady supply of fresh seafood and produce. It definitely helps that they’re both close to the sea. In fact, the Public Market is just 200 meters away from the Puerto Princesa Baywalk Pier. You’ll have access to all the fresh supplies you need for any kitchen experiments after you retire!

7. Balance of Rural and Urban Lifestyles
Balance of Rural and Urban Lifestyles in Palawan

Palawan perfectly balances natural beauty with the conveniences of an urban lifestyle. Public transportation is a breeze, with multicabs and tricycles plying the roads. Also, there are several establishments and shopping malls on the road leading away from the Puerto Princesa International Airport.

8. Low Costs of Living
Low Costs of Living in Palawan

You’ll be surprised at how affordable everything is in Palawan! Discounts can help you save while shopping, especially if you buy in bulk.

Living in Palawan doesn’t just come with perks like cheap yet fresh food and basic necessities. You can also live on a serene beachfront residence for a competitive price. And despite the reduced costs, you’ll still get high-quality products and services. You can enjoy a relaxed island life without ever worrying about going broke in the middle of retirement!

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Are you now thinking of retiring and living out your golden years in one of the best islands in the world?  It’s never too early to scout for properties where you can comfortably retire. That way, you can ensure that the rest of your life will be nothing short of paradise for you.

Consider settling down at the Diamond Beach Residences. This picturesque beachfront property is located in a quiet, unspoiled part of Puerto Princesa for your utmost comfort. You can also earn passive income by enrolling your unit under the hotel pool, in case you need to hop back to Manila or elsewhere. Contact us today for inquiries!

Visit our blog for more articles about Palawan real estate and investment options for retirees in the Philippines.

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